Life Coaching.

Claudia DamocI met Elena at a monumental turning point in my life. I didn’t know the least thing about coaching, but now I do: I no longer have to fight alone with my problems and life can be simple and easy.

Elena’s Life Coaching has helped me to fulfill my dreams and establish a solid foundation for everything that I will be doing from now on. I thank her from the bottom of my heart for everything!

Claudia Damoc - Professional Alpinist

Leonard ManeaDid it ever happen to you to meet someone for the first time and yet at a glance to feel like you’ve known that person for your whole life? That’s how it was for me with Elena!

She knows how to make you believe that you can, too! And not only that you can, but that you can’t give up until you succeed! And then, at the end, comes the joy of accomplishment! I, for one, believe that you could hardly ask for anything more than this from a coach! My elf has got a lot to learn from Elena.Read more →

Leonard Manea - Coach

Luminita MarinasElena helped me personally to rediscover myself and my hobbies and, the most important thing, she helped me discover the immense value they have for my spirit. I learned what it means to enjoy the little things that give meaning to life; I learned what it feels like to see others through the “eyes of a child” eager to have the same “toys” as you do, and how to help them receive them as well; I started seeing again the beauty of nature, the sky and the stars and I realized they all deserve our admiration and love because they are part of us. Read more →

Luminita Marinas – Human Resources Manager - Tehnoplus Medical

Marian Cristian MarinAfter an hour of coaching you feel at peace as you managed to overcome certain fears and turned them into clear goals eventually, and this way you learn more about your power to decide- how amazing and challenging this is.

That’s why you feel relaxed and full of life, glad that you accomplished something for yourself and not for someone else, that only you matter to yourself and as long as your are happy with yourself certainly the others around will be happy with you as well, with what you are and what you do. Thank you, Elena. Read more →

Marian Cristian Marin - Dancer - Trouble Crew Romania

Maximilian Dobrescu I’ve met Elena Capruciu during a summer camp and from the first moment, I realized that she has something special, so I chose to do with her coaching.

It was my first interaction with this method and I was surprised to see what results can generate. I worked with Elena, both the life coaching and business area. I topped inner blockages and I approached significantly my dreams that no longer seem to be stories. Read more →

Maximilian Dobrescu - Project Manager Research 2012 – Volunteers for Ideas and Projects Romania
Raluca VasileDuring the change process while at the camp, the meetings with Elena played the greatest role for me. They opened my eyes, my mind and heart so I could see myself more clearly in order to know myself on a deeper level and love myself.

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Raluca Vasile – CROS
Silvia Veronica PurelI have a story to tell to those of you who would like to know Elena better. I started a coaching program for 17 young people, in the community for practice HRemotion.

Elena is the person for whom coaching really means the way to fulfilling your dreams, who lives each experience along with her coachee at the highest level of intensity and at the greatest depth. I recommend you, the reader, to let her get to know you! Read more →

Silvia Veronica Purel – CROS

poza-doina1There are moments in life when you do not have time to think at yourself, your future, family. etc. In those moments your balance is shaken. Thus, even if you find it hard to admit from the start, you do need friends to „wake you up”.

It might sound unusual to visit a psychologist, but there is a more convenient option: to talk with a friend like Elena. Read more->

Doina Ionescu – Q-Feel Acting School

Cristina DinaCoaching enables me to understand what really means to be.
It helps me to discover what I really want, and which are my true values.
It encourages me to understand not only what I have to do, but also why I want to do those things.

I know now that I need to stop running towards nowhere, to observ myself, and those around me, and to understand that I can do more, as I am more than mere actions and thoughts.

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Cristina Dina


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