Business Coaching.

„Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work!” ~ Gustave Flaubert


wonder: what determines people to stop using their personal power?

The reason many go there is because they think that if they would venture into a business, no matter what kind of activity it would be, venturing would bring them only more pain than if they would sit down and do nothing.

In other words, by doing nothing, they will experience less pain or discomfort than if they would start doing something. Neglect or postpone a thing is man’s enemy number 1, is the opposite of personal power – it immobilizes you, doesn’t let you to go on with what you have started.

You do not realize how much freedom you have lost because you have allowed laziness to control your life. Over time, this half-hearted becomes a habit and it keeps you from having abundance in your life.


Let’s discover together which are the permanent emotions that change your character and destiny. We have found out that daily emotions you have are the result of specific activities that you do continuously, a thousand times, before they become habits.

I want to be for you a coach, as a friend who is with you on your way to progress. I have knowledge and experience, because I we have come this way, and now I want to be your guiding star.

The power of the mind is a force that successful people know how to use. I am one of those who have learned and discovered how to use this magical power, and now my goal is to support you as well, to discover it within you and then to learn how to use it finding your own way to evolution.

These programs covered step by step will help you to make your dream come true and is better for you to be prepared to allocate the necessary resources: your thinking, effort and time. Because you are the only one who can have control over the most complex thing in the world, over your mind.

    • Executive Coaching
    • Corporate Coaching
    • Manager as a Coach
    • Leadership Coaching
    • Sales Coaching
    • Customer Service Coaching
    • Team Coaching
    • Communication Coaching
    • Career Coaching

    Gives support to professionals in various stages of their evolution:

    • Creates true leaders who know how to motivate their team and become an inspiration to others;
    • Forming successful business people who do not hide behind a desk, because they understand that business is equal to human relationships;

    For organizational development:

      A study of business coaching on companies who have implemented it show that they have encountered an average ROI of 5.7 times greater than the initial investment (a return> $ 100,000)

    • Increased productivity (53% of managers support this)
    • Development of organizational power (48%)
    • Improving the quality of management processes (48%)
    • Improving customer care services (39%)
    • The retention of directors who made coaching (32%)
    • Developping and encouraging communication between employees (more than 70% of supporters)
    • Harmonization of teamwork (67%)
    • Improvement of relationships with coworkers (63%)
    • Increased satisfaction at work (61%)
    • Decrease Conflict (52%)
    • Cost savings (23%)
    • (Source: Maximizing the Impact of Executive Coaching, The Manchester Review, Volume 6, Number 1, Joy McGovern,, 2001.)

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