Raluca Vasile.


I came back from CROS Camp a different person. I returned as a happy, confident person, fully aware of what I know and what I am capable of, enthusiastic about reaching my goals, many of which I set for myself while there.

During the change process while at the camp, the meetings with Elena played the greatest role for me. They opened my eyes, my mind and heart so I could see myself more clearly in order to know myself on a deeper level and love myself.

I learned that, most often, the traits in others that bother me are hidden deep within myself as well. Becoming aware of how I really am helps me relate to those around me much better.

I learned to ask myself a lot of questions when I don’t know the solution or cause of a given situation. Asking questions extensively, without waiting for an answer from outside, enables me to understand the context, the solutions and this helps me in my personal development.

I realized how few questions I asked myself in the past. I began to know myself more and more with each day that passes and discover how many things I can actually do. I stopped waiting, I stopped trying and I started actually doing those things.

As far as my heart goes, Elena helped me discover that love knows no boundaries, nor conditions. I’ve learned to no longer fear to love again and not to blame myself for someone else’s lack of love.

And I also learned that there is no such thing as „I must”. What really matters is what we want to do.

Thank you for everything.

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