Unique. Creative. With Resources

Programming a robot: to get faster, better, more efficiently results…based on the idea that time is money (and it seems this is all that matters in life).

Standards of a balanced society: to correctly orientate oneself, in harmony with the universal law of cause and effect … for time is valuable without being associated with money (life lived today is thousands of times more important)

*REMEBER: this universal law of cause and effect leads to a satisfactory life, where there are respected all the beings with whom we share this world (now and in the future). For this, we actively participate with those abilities that define us as unique, creative and having resources.

If someone askes me to choose, I clearly go for the second version. As I am human … I have learned both from the less inspired choices I have made, and from those in full congruence with my values.

I easily recognize the Polar Star in the summer night sky. In those moments of gazing at the stars I find myself on the verge of fascination of existance.

Although I still dream about „how my life would look like if I were a pilot,” I am currently neither an aviator, nor a navigator, so I do not follow daily a route indicated by a compass.

The moss on trees is harder to find in urban space … and then I wonder … how can I make sure I know where is the North = what is right for my life?

My answer is formulated in the following way: I put on a good pair of shoes, take a deep breath and go for what makes me happy… with all the challenges that might come my way.

WE ARE unique, creative and resourceful - fact proven by life itself! Being often aware of this makes it easier to access my inner strength and finish what I believe in.

Photo credit: Jamie Street on Unsplash