Marian Cristian Marin.

Dansator profesionist – Trouble Crew Romania

Learning to help and accept yourself, built self-confidence and the courage to overcome your everyday fears, are just some of the changes that I had to implement in myself, after the coaching sessions, together with Elena Capruciu.

Positive thinking helps me smile a lot more often and do things I used to consider impossible.

Exceeding my own limits and the daily motivation that I am the one who decides what happens to me, anytime and anywhere.

The power of self-healing is another aspect, which I personally learned to put into practice, following a shoulder surgery (the doctor said I need 6 months for recover), and only after 4 months I was able to do certain exercises that I haven’t thought I was going to and at this moment I am active at my highest level of performance.

After an hour of coaching you feel at peace as you managed to overcome certain fears and turned them into clear goals eventually, and this way you learn more about your power to decide- how amazing and challenging this is.

That’s why you feel relaxed and full of life, glad that you accomplished something for yourself and not for someone else, that only you matter to yourself and as long as your are happy with yourself certainly the others around will be happy with you as well, with what you are and what you do. Thank you, Elena.

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