Luminita Marinas.

Director Resurse Umane – Tehnoplus Medical

Luminita MarinasEver since I started working with Elena, I began to see my life from a new perspective: I realize that there are many things and deeds that we consider of minor consequence, but which can have so much significance, that they could actually change our lives and help us see our real personal values.

Elena helped me personally to rediscover myself and my hobbies and, the most important thing, she helped me discover the immense value they have for my spirit. I learned what it means to enjoy the little things that give meaning to life; I learned what it feels like to see others through the “eyes of a child” eager to have the same “toys” as you do, and how to help them receive them as well; I started seeing again the beauty of nature, the sky and the stars and I realized they all deserve our admiration and love because they are part of us.

These are the real joys of life. My heartfelt wish is that as many people as possible have the chance to attend these coaching meetings, because that’s how they could find the path to beauty, happiness and fulfillment.

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