Leonard Manea.


Did it ever happen to you to meet someone for the first time and yet at a glance to feel like you’ve known that person for your whole life? That’s how it was for me with Elena!

I was attending a course on coaching at the beginning of a summer and after a while I started feeling like I knew nothing while she knew everything. Her way of looking at you with so much warmth and openness, her casual attitude, spontaneous and feminine at the same time, were bridges connecting people, bridges that Elena was building in the blink of an eye, with such a natural air that I would like to believe was inborn.

I was even wondering what she was doing at that course! I learned later on that, besides the qualities she possesses, she can do so much more. And she wanted to keep improving herself. Come to think of it, how often has it happened to us, in a moment of peace (or maybe just the opposite…) for some little elf from within us to start whispering in our ear - “Surely there’s more than this, there can’t be only this!”? And then we, after the bliss of that revelation („Of course, sure! Indeed, there’s got to be more!”)… move on with our daily problems, from our work and our home!

I feel that for Elena things were different. And, what’s more: she knows how to make you believe that you can, too! And not only that you can, but that you can’t give up until you succeed! And then, at the end, comes the joy of accomplishment! I, for one, believe that you could hardly ask for anything more than this from a coach! My elf has got a lot to learn from Elena.

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