Manifesting my joy

I write to you right now, when I still feel the joy of overpassing difficult challenges…
And I write with the heart filled of recent achievements 🙂

What I want to share with you, is something you probably have encountered many times in your life, but did not pay proper attention. That is, to trust the wish in which you are willing to invest the energy of your entire being!

Trust + Go For Action!

I started to understand my behavior — for those moments when I finish an action I believe has a good future. I feel very alive (if this thought is possible to consider), and the romanian saying „sar în sus de bucurie” (eng. I jump up joyfully) is more than just a few words with a nice visual suggestion. I actually start jumping!

And it feel really good to manifest this joy.

It can be done for every little small thing you do. Later, I realized that in this way I open the gates of results that once were just dreams /ideas / what if’s / thoughts.

I already completely forgot about all the obstacles that gave me a hard time. I did not erase them with a special sponge, not even shake them off while jumping. I think I converted them into the courage to be more and more active in this world.

I believe today that even in the case of a more severe feedback - you know the one that does not make you start jumping… I still ought to congratulate myself. At least I know that step by step, one action after the other it’s shaped the reality I want to live in.


Credit photo: Joy jumping made by Val Vesa on Unsplash