Maximilian Dobrescu.

Project Manager Research 2012 – Volunteers for Ideas and Projects Romania

I’ve met Elena Capruciu during a summer camp and from the first moment, I realized that she has something special, so I chose to do with her coaching.

It was my first interaction with this method and I was surprised to see what results can generate. I worked with Elena, both the life coaching and business area. I topped inner blockages and I approached significantly my dreams that no longer seem to me stories.

I improved my relationships with the people around me, especially with my older brother, link that didn’t work, but it was very important to me. Moreover, I learned to reflect in people and to enjoy every beautiful moment that I encountered. I’ve developed some “healthy” habits of which I’m very proud of, such as: running each morning, this way sport began to be again part of my life. Also I am able to articulate a clear picture of who I am and what I am able to do.

I loved the process and I think Elena has had an important role here, because after college, I will start training myself to become a coach.

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