Smell of oak in a glass office…

…wisdom and perspicacity while proudly wearing the suit of the career you daily build, whether you are self-employed or on a management position, whether you are starting out or already have years of professional life behind.

Let’s cancel the antithesis and cease any paradigms that all they do is literally to confuse us!

What could happen if you would undress choking and heavy suit of the responsabilities you experience in superlative terms?

What if you choose an outfit tailored for your body, a SMART office style in which you feel really good. The one in which you have the power to bring your contribution to the world as you dreamed once, back when you still believed that you can bring a change for better in your world!

goal settingWisemen say that the problematic situations are those requiring our clear understanding, free of any form of doubt or dusty from delusions. Short term results are just loke the waters warmed by the summer sun: we appreciate them once a year thus ignoring the opportunity to enjoy them throughout the whole year.

By the way, have you stopped lately just for a second to check your action plan? To enjoy the fulfillment of your desires and to take that zip energy you need to continue?

We know it is often difficult to say „I stop now to breathe deeply and enjoy my accomplishments” because there exists in our mentality a stress we call deadline. So I discovered how important it is for an employee like you to take care of himself during the runaway, if he wants to be standing up on own feet when reaching the finish line.

Corporate Coaching by Elena Capruciu

How so? Well, thanks to programs that bring a strong congruence for your personal values ​​or protecting onself completely: Body - Mind - Emotions. Corporate Coaching or Emotional Safe Training & Coaching are just two of the many programs we have prepared for you…, when would you like to set up a Pro Bono meeting?