A rich person

I wanted to be rich a lady was telling me while I was enjoying my cherry cake in this cafeteria in the corner of the street. She was pure aristocracy, betrayed by every gesture: how she arranged her teaspoon on the neatly folded napkin, how she sat on the chair and how gracefull she ate the delicious dough.

I was dreaming to reach the stars , to conquer the world … to be wealthy. I saw everything through her blue eyes as the sky above the sea , in a clear day. You know my dear? I was young back then , and I was lucky enough to let my life be carried by my inspiration, although at that time I didn’t knew very much … This is how I got rich.

Can you understand, I think that a wealthy man is the one who sees wealth beyond the zeros in his bank account, or in the glow of precious metals or the number of material goods he owns . A wealthy man is the one who is living his simple dream every day. And you know which one I am talking about: I want to be happy beyond everything.

audreyWith this feeling you can get up listening to your heart, starting with the dawn of morning. Give yourself permission to enjoy a healty breakfast , whose flavor can accompany you to the office. Here, most of the times , the joy is enclosed in a drawer – when it should be noted on a post -it and put on a place of honor: on the laptop screen, the coffee mug or on the desk near the left wrist. The important thing is to see it, keep it close to you and live it while you work.

When the evening comes, she dresses elegant because she wants to accompany you to the meeting with the people you love. If you give it permission you’ll see it playing so much that you cannot stop smiling.

Now, I suggest you to play a nice game:

Listen to this song, and while you do this close your eyes and look into your near future. Imagine your joy as a gentle fairy who exudes energy and passion at every corner. Comes and holds your hand and dances around you. It shows you how your day can look: beautiful, exquisite, interactive or quiet, magical and joyful and how else you want it to be. It’s your working day so choose the version you like best.

Before leaving, the fairy whispers something to your ear … it’s a secret only you know and it’s the first thing you should do when you start working J smile, because this is the first key that opens the door with all the possessions you wish.