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In the Dreams News so far:

What really matters?

~October 2014

Another month, day, second out of life have passed by. Have you done something that really matters?

I for sure tried to do all my best. This is how I came up with the new subjects, on which I invite you to meditate, meaning:

8cfa3c67-6d93-4306-a6cc-979d98e66414–> the most complex tehnologies are actually inspired from the life of the most simple beings of them all, like the butterflies.
–> what really does matter makes the true difference in the grammar of life: to be vs to have & to do.
–> the roles we play daily are not so much about improvisation, but actually are about being present in life.

This entire story called life is a continuous event of meeting people that guide us, or who we end up guiding, of situations that challenge us and of wonderful moments when we understand that our dreams have come true.

You as well can benefit of everything said before, just if you act wisely like the hero of the story you are.

With lots of courage we keep on reading

The Dreams come TRUE Coaching Frequency: Achievements

~August 2014

inimaI actually invite you to follow your heart, because she knows what she has to do!

When you start actually to move through your fears, you manage to connect to your own desires. What do you think is more wonderful than the moment when all of your desires, dreams, objectives (name them as you may wish) become true?

On Dreams come TRUE Coaching, we mention all the time the achievement you might have in your life, no matter the level: to be, to do or to have. And we truly believe this is possible when we value that it is important to continue working with yourself.

From my own experience I tell you this: while I was learning about my own patterns, limitations, mental beliefs and unsuitable behaviors, as well about what helps and triggers change for me, I became more equipped and prepared to support others on their path. Read more here

In the middle of Summer: Abundance of Dreams come TRUE Coaching

~July 2014

nesletter augustHere I am, back after a recreational holiday, that kind of holiday I truly hope you enjoy also to recharge your batteries and to achieve greater things at home and at work.

In my recent travels, I was able to reflect a lot. Starting from the simple and beautiful things that I witnessed, to the complexity of the laws of universal attraction.

Thus, I have explored in much detail the concept of abundance, based on which I think we can fill our lives with things, gestures, words, thoughts and emotions that really matter. And when I say abundance, I am also thinking at all those details that make life beautiful in every moment.

And, as I was convinced for the infinite time that Dreams do come TRUE, I chose to talk to you about one of the secrets of this kind of abundance: the subconscious mind and super-conscious mind, which together make it so that your ideal life can be real. There are a few instructions you should keep in mind, and the rest is already a wonderful life story that you could read about here

What could happen if you would trust in the action plan?

~April 2014


I would like to start by making a confession: during the latest events in my life I came to acknowledge the validity of theYes, it is possible principle!

“Under which circumstances?” you may want to ask.

And my answer is this: Yes, it is possible to blossom and bring beauty in our life… to have time to enjoy the evolution of a process or another… to find in those around us those traits that make us admire them even more…

to breath fresh air after we have cleaned the dusty systems, and so on till the morning comes once again to explore some more all of this It’s possible concept!

Part of the answers for the logic question How is it possible?you may find by reading the articles inspired from the March days lived by the whole Dreams come TRUE Coaching team. We truly hope they are of use for you! Read more!


Spring with Dreams come TRUE Coaching

~March 2014


I consider Spring to be the most animated season of the year, even if the weather is complicated in March. In this time of year I find a certain joy in peoples eyes while they are coming up with ideas to make beautiful surprises to their dear ones. And this is a fact that brings lots of joy in my life!

Is there possible that with one smile and a flower we can make a day wonderful? I believe that the simple traditions of March challenge us to be more original! Can you imagine to create a custom out of all this: to enjoy simple things, that are part of our life, but we completely ignore!

With clear mind dark clouds on the sky go away, and me and my team have many activities to share with you. Starting with magic team buildings up to business coaching and training programs with your boss or colleagues, taking into account the most challenging objectives you have!

Up till we see each other to “plan the results” I invite you to read the latest Dreams come TRUE ideas and thoughts! Read more!

This month, dreams are supported by the magic of love!

~February 2014

relationship coaching

Forgetting about the economic necessity to consume, I would like to invite you to coach yourself to love every day. To love the aroma of your working mornings, the uniqueness of the times spent with your office colleagues, the energy of your meetings and the people that are part of your life today.


This newsletter I dedicate to the courage to take action no matter the fears, to positive & creative thinking and to the faith that moves mountains. And, because it is amazing to share the success with dear ones, I have created the program called Relationship Coaching, so that your relationship with these people will be just the way you want it to be. Read more!

The time has come to believe in your Dreams!

~January 2014


Can you feel the energy of creation that has been released when the clock struck midnight, while we were celebrating the New Year? Do you trust in the magic business formulas you have been writing down in your agenda lately?

For my part, I can say that „I am enjoying the most exciting year. From its beginning!” Would you hear something else? I am positive that we will have a very interesting year, just as long as we believe that Dreams come

I also have a warning for you, inspired from the old customs in welcoming the New Year, and it goes like this:

In 2014, to believe in your own dreams surely leads to an excessive smile addiction, eliminates monotony as you engage into bold actions and ensures goals on a steady basis. What do you need more? Is just like an experience doctor will prescribe it!
Well, because time is on our side, I invite you to …read more!


Business Coaching with apple and cinnamon flavor

~December 2024

Red apples with cinnamon stick, shallow focus

A month has passed by since I wrote to you, and I am glad to tell you that lots of interesting things happen all around the world.

Obviously, there is the change of seasons. Even if in Bucharest there is no snow so far, I think everybody is ready for it. Among lights and gifts, final year projects and lists for new goals, success at work and special moments with dear ones…there is a whole box of happenings and experiences that brings wealth in our life.

Another change is of attitude and presentation. This is how, Dreams come TRUE Coaching has a new “house” in online with images, words and messages dedicated to people like you: wanting to really pursue their dreams, no matter how hard it might seem.

In coaching we say that changes are part of our courage to dare, wisely I might add, to make the most of ones life. All we have to do is clarify how the best life works for each one of us and to dare to have it.

How about… you read more!

Share a smile via Dreams come TRUE Coaching..


~November 2024

With lots of joy in my mind and tapping anxiously I send to you November’s message: it is wonderful to enjoy each surprising effect of change!! Here you go, one example is the new site Dreams come TRUE Coaching by Elena Capruciu I invite you to explore and give me an honest opinion on it 🙂

read more



Look what the cat dragged in..

~October 2024

Some good news, of course! 🙂 Here in Romania we have a very tough weather. Wherever you are, if you’re reading this mail and share our bad weather I invite you to take a hot cup of tea, with lots of honey and vitamin C and read what crossed my mind the other days. If you are more fortunate, the invitation is open to you as well, over a glass of ice tea perhaps 🙂

I also dare you to forget about your worries and smile!!! YES.. take a deep breath and smile with your mouth reaching up to your ears. Do you know that by smiling you actually sing up for a long and beautiful life? I think that this is some kind of a prize life has to give to people who really know how to enjoy each moment. Do you agree with me?

Now it’s the perfect time to do things you put on hold for various reasons. For example, you can review your values: see what changes there are, how your values top looks like now or just remember about the ones you have on hold - you know better why. Trust me, they are very important! You know, it’s just a simple equation of I want - I can - I deserve.

What are you waiting for? Let’s go find the lost Dream, make it come true and enjoy it! …read more!


Autumn Harvest: Business Coaching

~September 2024

Autumn is here with all of her golden glory. NOW is the perfect time to harvest the dreams you nurtured during the challenging Summer that just ended.

September has lots of symbols, and each one of them, in my mind at least are reaching out for productivity and a state of well being. To be honest all the excitement that fills in the air, no matter your location, is similar to the moment just before the start of school. There was the emotion of a new stage in the coaching of my mind, and it was really exiting.

Today, years later, I observe how that emotion stick in working environments like mine or like yours, with Business Coaching for action and authentic results.

Just like in the story The Grasshopper and the Ant we now make our supplies in order to have a beautiful winter. This is why, when using Business Coaching you ensure that in the winter time you’ll have real nice surprises.

Join me on a short break and read out some inspiring ideas of a Autumn and Fruitful Newsletter … read more!


Newsletter in a Summerish Edition :)

~August 2024

Did you knew that in the summer, when the temperatures go crazy, the favorite drink of Gods from Mount Olympus is lemonade? Ok, I agree.. I know the stories with nectar and ambrosia, but I wanted to adjust to summer sunny days, so looong and scorching!The secret of the tastiest lemonade juice in the world lies in proportions: a part of honey (because it is cool to be eco, and you need some coolness as mentioned), one part of water and another of lemon juice.

In addition to the rich source of vitamin C, a glass of lemonade before a meeting or an important call is a true source of energy. Not to mention that when your teeth set on edge, it is a source of amusement for your colleagues, and, I hope of inspiration.

I would advice you to use proportions in your daily life as well. Do you remember what I told you about Pareto’s principle? One good measure seems to be 20% and 80%!

You will win for sure when you keep in mind the initial plan of action, starting right when you get out of bed.

With a glass of lemonade in my hand, I invite you to have a glass of talks with me, through this summerish newsletter … read more!