And then I asked myself

What have I done today and was all worth it?

pas cu pas

I took a step. It doesn’t really matter if I started off with the right or left leg, by taking this step I took distance from the wall made up of my fears and completely wrong ideas.

Ok…I admit it… it is not always easy for me to start moving…but even there is a difficulty I end up doing it. And this is due to the discovery I have made.. of what lies beyond this dreadfull wall. This is how I get motivated to go for action..I’ve found there’s something that keeps calling me to go and explore.

I also managed to calm my heart by meditating on the question what I trully want? You see, as I continue stating the answer for this question, I have a better and more detailed image of what I want. And so the answer starts shaping my reality.

Meanwhile, I am honored to tell you this: at this very moment I see my dream in full progress, I am living it and this is the best scenario there is.

What have I said today and was worth it?

sculptura cubaWords of sincerity. And here I have progressed. Uffff…. the most important thing is to be honest with yourself, even before you choose what clothes to use for the day.

I think there are many times when we just fall in the trap of dishonesty, believing every little fantasy… in time this habit makes it difficult for you to know what is real and what are the product of your fantasies.

To be true till the end, today I have also accepted that sometimes it is a little bit hard… even for me, the brave one. This is related to the effort I put in my training. I know that the world is not all honey, that I have so much to learn, even many more to live… and countless opportunities to be happy about my life.

The effort I put in living today, linked to the present of my individuality, I find to be similar to Vivaldi’s 4 Seasons = a work of art that was worthwhile to be composed.

*Photo: Cuba Sculpture: The Conversation **Photo: Trustworthy step ***Photo: 4Seasons