Fairy tales in modern times

Fairy tales are told using intonation and a little bit of mistery. In fact you really want to capture your public’s attention, making them see through the eyes of imagination. For example, I still remember my grandfather telling me stories about the deeds of two boys with stars on their faces, or my dad, Harap Alb and his friends, and even my small brother with his passion for Praslea the Brave and the Golden Apples. (Romanian folk stories)

Well, you see I can tell the stories today because I have re-read them when I grew up. In my memories I cherish how they looked like, the storytellers… the energy they had, and all that suspense they brought on with every challenge the hero had to pass. I know now that it wasn’t difficult for me to imagine a man, maybe a little bit fat, always thirsty or the juicy golden apples arranged on a golden plate.

You see, even if I grew up I still enjoy listening to stories… I love the enthusiasm storytellers put in, and the lesson I learn each time. You should look online for audio recordings of stories from various cultures, your kid might love them as well.

The best part is yet to come. I mean, some stories are still waiting to be found and shared to the world. It is about the hero we keep well hidden, waiting to cross the 7 kingdoms in order to cultivate wisdom and to travel the 9 seas learning to keep on going no matter what.


You might believe already that all stories are the same. There is always a hero, some challenges, a road to take and beings with super powers who are there at the right moment to lend a helping hand. And let’s not forget about the magical numbers, trials who lead to the defeat of the bad guy and the happy ever after ending.

The same stuff goes for labels and attached nouns we use daily. Are all the same, all of those tiring events you’ve heard or read about these days: „I’m stressed”… „There is no time” … „healthy life style”… „deadline” … „we have a meeting today”… „parenting”… „boss”… „I have/I don’t have money” etc etc

The difference between the elements you always find in a story and the labels I’ve just mentioned above is that the first ones create quality content each and every time. And this content is protected by an useful lesson, a proof for LOOK IT IS POSSIBLE principle. The labels just create limits, making you unable to SEE THE POSSIBLE by overburdening your mind.

When I think at the story where I am the hero, I allow myself to think of all those brilliant beings that I meet during my trials. I actually make less scenarios regarding the way I go through it all, and I just focus more on the gifts and tools I have at hand, as I see fit to use them.

I guess, most of all I think at the intonation used to tell my story. You see, I want to be hero in an awesome adventure, both captivating and helpful, MAKING LIFE POSSIBLE and refreshing the mind each time. Maybe stories are all about recording in written those adventures well lived.

*Photo Man and boy reading

**Photo Book and a rose