Your mind, the best film director of all times

From time to time I just go for a movie, with a big bag of popcorn at the theatre or at home. Some movies actually manage to get to me thanks to the script’s complexity, while others have such natural & intelligent lines, that it becomes hard for me not to want to listen for more of it.

So, this is how I end up wondering what skills has the man who wrote down all this action plan, and then again the director.. such amazing capacity to transform a text into images unleashing the power to keep me there, heart and soul, eyes and ears till the end.

When I come across with what would you like to be when you grow up? question, I trace a smile on my face and day dream at how I would have looked like as a movie director. Wow… I can even feel the sobriety and madness I put in my work to make my artistic vision possible. And, of course I even get to be there…on the Oscar award stage, as I can dream of a really great and glamorous scenario.

Well, nothing easier than that…right?

making a short film

Photo + some inspiration

Getting back to serious stuff, considering all of the research I put into exploring the human mind I can say that we are script writers, directors, cameramen, and actors. All repeating over and over as time goes by during the day. Uffff…. and on top of that we are friends for some poeple, coleagues to others, supervisers, coaches, parents, kids, students etc etc… Does it sound a little bit overwhelming?

Wait. There is more! According to your preferences (or better said, objectives and clarity in expressing your heart’s desires) we could live a telenovela, a comedy, a reality show… or we could be part of a movie that has no match in the current cinematografic world.

Everybody at their places! Camera…Set…Action!



Aaron Sorkin, a famous script writer, says that the biggest crime one can make is to offer the public what they already know. And believe me, this guy knows what he is talking about. I mean, he has successful TV shows and he even won the Oscar award. What I am trying to say is, just think about it…. how could you manage to surprise, through your actions, those who are part of your life - starting with yourself?!

Kevin Spacey, the famous actor has an online masterclass in which claims that the art of being an actor implies to reach that point when, being someone else (the character you play) you don’t feel awkward when you see yourself in the mirror, acting and looking just like your character should be. In fact, you are playing the part of your life right at this very moment! I really believe that it is up to you to make it memorable, not leaving it at an average level. Vraiment!

Do you have any idea what is gradually less overwhelming? I might even go that far and say it makes the discomfort completely disappear! Yeas, indeed… is the trust you put in what you really want to achieve. As a matter of fact, you are the writter, so you have the means to make it a really good movie. Day by day!

Brace yourself and have some fun!

*Theme picture: Scene-Take-Roll