Romanian inspiration: Francisc Rainer

There are many info on how we should live, how should be the place where we spend most of our time, or even how to be somebody’s friend. Well, my friend, this is an article about exploring places, and discovering people.

I guess you do agree that, from time to time getting out of the house, visiting a museum, enjoying a classical music concert or, for that matter any social event that is appealing to you, is worthwhile. LBased on this principle I ended up one day visiting a small museum in Bucharest, one I dind’t know much and that allowed me to discover a great individuality.

The Filipescu-Cesianu House located in Bucharest became thus a lovely surprise. Here I’ve came across Francisc Rainer, an important figure for the foundation of anthropology in Romania. This man was led by a continuous curiosity all of his life, and he managed to bring clarity and content through his work, not like many others who gave up shortly after starting something.


Sursa Imagine

I think his Journals, a collection of notes Rainer gathered during his life are valuable to read and understand….well, could be a good opportunity to learn Romanian too. Just joking 🙂 but you can read about why Rainer was so great here. Meanwhile, let me share with you something I’ve learned from this man:

when you are reading, don’t do it as if you were riding your car at high speed, or like an american visiting Rome, but rather do it as if you’re in a carriage, recording the lovely sight at leisure

Getting back to my visit at the museum, I have to mention that when I went there there was a lot of things on age, on the evolution of the Romanian society and the luggage each generation makes. It actually got me thinking all the ideas regarding the humans process of aging being strongly influenced by the place where we live. I know, it is not something new, but do you ever think about the fact that a sad city will live a visible mark on your face?… and this mark is not the most pleasant one.

The thought stayed with me for a long time after leaving the museum, this is how I managed to decide to look for accents of beauty wherever I go. No matter if I am home or at the office, waiting to pay for my groceries, or simply taking the bus, car, train *whatever* to go somewhere, I have the possibility to look around for something that could bring a smile on my face. And, of course if I get into areas that are really sad, there is nothing stopping me to contribute in someway to bring a change. No matter how small the action is, the result could be impressive.

At least, improvements in the community you live are just a collection of individual efforts interconnected by nature.

Maybe this is one of the reasons I would have loved to meet Rainer in person. You see, I do not know under which circumstances this man found the power to follow his ideals, fighting his own fears, but I do know I can choose to follow his example. To live firmly believing in myself and people I work with.

**Imagine header: Filipescu Cesianu House in Bucharest, view from the garden