What if we would care more about the things that actually bring us joy… What would that be like?

There are too many times when we give in to the „maybe some other time, when I will have more time” thought. In that very second, we don’t realise that this thought will never happen, it just keeps you waiting like the bride on her wedding day. At least this happens to me. The only difference is that a bride in love will end up dancing at her own wedding, while thinking of „some other time” will just keep you waiting.

Everything is strictly related to the choices I make. To spread my wings, to create, to be happy about it… to be… how marvelous.

„Spread my wings”, in Romanian we say something similar to catching wings and fly. It is actually a funny way of saying, but I find it to be an expressive one as well.


Photo by Ryan Moreno on Unsplash

When I get my wings I immediately transform into joy. But not any kind of joy, its that one that will last far much longer than any high quality perfume. The fragrance of joy lasts in my soul, and even if it gets to become a memory,…something is different with the feel of it. It is alive… it brings back the joy over and aver again.

And this fact might happen many countless times. Not by chance, nor because the planets are perfectly aligned. It is because I descend from the peak of my ego to the level of my true nature, where resides the desire to live happily.

The best part of spreading your wings is that the flight sets you free:

  • The wings are strong and enduring, because they are not feathers glued with wax as Dedal and Icar had.
  • The expensive flying license is not necessary, as it is aproved to use the „live accordingly to your heart” license
  • Maintenance costs just require trusting your own force.