a silly thing

I grew up in a house with a large garden. In the summer nights, while getting back from fun games, dusty and happy I would stay a few more minutes outside… just to train the muscles of my neck to be able to support me while gazing at the sky.

I used to have this special spot.. it was after the perfumed Queen of the night flower bed, away from the thirsty lines of tomatoes and very close to the sky lightened up only by stars.

I used to start with a warm up… Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, the North Star, the Lion, Casiopeea…and the mighty Moon. As soon I saw the Moon I started fantasizing about the royal family that lived there. After a short episode I would get right back to my stars. Some where bright, others painted in red, and some even travelling here and there.

jp-valery-368562 (1)

Credit Photo: Night sky by Jp Valery on Unsplash

After a hunderd or two piles of stars, and a sleeping hand I lost track of them. What a silly thing to do, counting stars. I don’t remember exactly what determined me to do so. Today, thinking back at that moment I am aware of the feeling I got when I lost track of the stars. The feeling that it was all worth it.

I encoutered this many times since then… or more precisely, every time I worked on something new, or just a bit different. I started taking dance classes, visiting museums, having coaching meetings, listening to what my intuition has to say, and many other actions. It is there every time… the feeling that I dared to do something a little bit different than what I am comfortable with, out of genuine curiosity, and an act of courage.

This is how, some habbits filled with nourishing nectar and lots of good got to my system. In this manner I made it. Checking into opportunities to be brave, and afterwards to be glad, and satisfied with the result.

Photo Credit: Star in the sea by Amy on Unsplash