What color is the Sun?

A simple question, with multiple answers. I’ve asked the public, and its various declarations were recorded:

culori-2”Yellow, like a ripe quince”…immediately a young school boy clarified!
”Don’ t you see it? It is the cold pink of morning, and it has the flaming red of the sunset… the Sun on the sky is a poetry of colors”… an artist started to paint in words, even if sometimes is misunderstood, but most of the times is appreciated for his work.
”You don’t know anything” I find myself listening to an astronaut, who can brag that he was out there in space… he saw the greatness of this shining star. „The Sun has the color of brightness, you can not even look properly at it”.
”White light!” the NASA specialists have concluded. And you know they study it all day long. „You don’t know… but Earth’s atmosphere, the angle in the sky, (maybe even our mood) everything contributes to the color in which we see the Sun”.

You see… it is up there, on the blue sky. We are all aware of its presence and its importance, and yet we see it differently. Each one of us how is able to do it…each one of us how is prepared to see it.

What I want to tell you, between the lines, is to open your eyes. Every little thing or situation has its own light… that we sometimes see in the glow of our worries, lack of information or guardians, and other times we perceive it through the eyes of our passions, vision or the screen play of our own creative movie.

Not adding anything else, I invite you to see your world using those bright and daring colors that shape it, even if…here and there, in the painting you might find a shadow.