What actually matters to me?

Here it goes…. that kind of question that requires some brain fitness. Ready for it?

We daily consume ideas and wishes, and we end up adding weight based on fantasy. Luckily, these extra kilos are not seen to the naked eye. I wonder…is this luck?
I think fantasy kilos are nastier than the physical ones, which we try to loose while running in the park or going to the gym.

I have no control over tomorrow, but I do have the control of the present moment. You know, the famous NOW. This is how, I choose to focus upon what I consider is worth while. Look… here I am, writing down all of these for you out there, and it is an option that matters for me.

I am being honest when I’m telling that I have quite a bag of important things. Sorted out in categories, they are about family, career, spirituality, passions, society, who am I and Who I can become!

This summer a very wise man told me: what your mind knows, your eyes can see!important
And I started to reflect upon this for a great amount of time. I was asking myself, if my mind is really paying attention to everything that is important for me? or if it gets carried away by the short sparks of smaller diamonds?

I couldn’t say that I was very shocked by my discoveries. It made me think ever more. Those new thoughts were so active, that I started to be more and more willing to pay attention to those actions that make me function in complete alignment with my values.

You see, somewhere deep inside us lies an unique instrument. The sounds produced are so strong, clear and crystalline that it ends up constantly gui(delight) -ing us. They weave the choreography of our existence, and it allows us to freely express ourselves, as we are: unique, full of resources, creative and beautiful in our own way.

It is so good to be aware of your own values, to observe when they are in a break or when they have a solo to perform. Listen to your music. It is even better to see that your decisions and actions are dancing with your values, reflecting what you want -> the one thing in which you truthfully believe.

It is funny, this very useful question is present in our mind like a rare astronomical phenomena. You know how much the world evolves around the great alignment of the Milky-way’s titans. The difference between you and the movements of the planets is that you have the possibility to move more in the Universe encrypted in your life. You can choose to go for those options that will help you create new rare phenomena, and more often.
And, if you face difficulties, rest assured that there are people in this world who can come to help you… because they too listen to the music playing inside of them!