Old man’s saying: Live Purposefully

My good man,

Many times I have considered to explore this beautiful country — called Romania, to stop in those villages where normality has a very different order. I would like to go there, where the old people speak with their eyes, so clearly that you can manage to understand something. Who knows… maybe one day I will be able to share with you what life stories I have gathered from the elderly.

Meanwhile I opened this great book called The NeverEnding Story, and to be honest I was surprised by the following:

wise„Human passions have mysterious ways, in children as well as grown-ups. Those affected by them can’t explain them, and those who haven’t known them have no understanding of them at all. Some people risk their lives to conquer a mountain peak. No one, not even they themselves, can really explain why. Others ruin themselves trying to win the heart of a certain person who wants nothing to do with them. Still others are destroyed by their devotion to the pleasures of the table. Some are so bent on winning a game of chance that they lose everything they own, and some sacrifice everything for a dream that can never come true. Some think their only hope of happiness lies in being somewhere else, and spend their whole lives traveling from place to place. And some find no rest until they have become powerful. In short, there are as many different passions as there are people.”

Well, is there any room for some good thoughts in all of this brute observation on the human nature? Of course!! And it is all the time more than welcomed!

I read and understood it like this… it is up to each and one of us to draw out of our passions useful aspects for our own life. In a very peculiar way, not even them represent the complete meaning of life, only scraps of it. And, as you can see, they can lead to the extreme edges of happiness or of attachments.

I have also understood we have everything it takes to live a fulfilling life… and beware, I am not thinking at gathering wealth, fame or passing pleasures. You learn to listen more to those subjects enriching you in some way, helping you to sort out your mind and strongly resonating with your best version.

The most important thing of them all is the fact that you will not learn something from other people’s experiences, but from your owns! Open up your eyes and sharpen your hearing because, in order to live purposefully you have to become aware of the signals of good, complex, yet simple things. Just like an undiscovered diamond that needs to be seen and polished in order to shine.

Precisely 🙂 you already know > I recommend the book, no matter the age of the reader!