To worry means to be scared

Worry is a state of mind built on fear that acts slowly and surely.

It is insidious and subtle. It enters cautiously until it manages to paralyze the rational mind, destroying self esteem and initiative. Concern is a form of fear caused by indecision: consequently, is a state of mind that can be controlled.

An unbalanced mind is helpless. Indecision unbalance the mind. Most individuals lack the will power to make prompt decisions and to support them afterwards . The six essential fears are translated into concern by indecision.

  1. You can free yourself, forever, from the fear of death by reaching to the point of accepting it as something inevitable, part of the cycle of existence.
  2. You can remove the fear of poverty having a strong determination to please yourself with any wealth you can accumulate without worrying about it all.
  3. Put your foot on the verge of fear of criticism and decide not to worry about what others think, do or say. Eliminate the fear of old age by deciding not to accept it as a handicap, but as a great blessing for a carrier of wisdom, self-control and understanding not meet in youth.
  4. Stop fearing illnesses, by deciding to forget all about symptoms. Actually, you should learn to control the fear of loosing love, by deciding to live a life free of attachments! This is does not mean not to love those around you anymore, but to love them in their own state of complete liberty.
  5. It is allowed to kill concern in all its forms, reaching the secret decision that nothing of what life has to offer is worth concern. This decision will bring balance, peace of mind and calm, facts that will generate the happiness you are searching for.

3261883b71002abf5a9ccaf3b5e51583A man whose mind is ruled by fear, not only destroys his chances of intelligent action, but he sends his destructive vibrations to the minds of all those who come in contact with, destroying their chances. Even a dog or a horse knows when its master lacks courage; in addition, a dog or a horse takes the fear vibrations transmitted by the master and behave accordingly. Going down the ladder of intelligence in the animal kingdom, we find out there is the same ability to capture the vibrations of fear or destructive thoughts.

The vibrations of fear pass from one mind to another as quickly and surely as the sound of the human voice is transmitted through radio broadcasting networks. The person who gives expression by negative thoughts and destructive words is experiencing the results of those words in the form of destructive response kicks. Simply by releasing the impulses of destructive thoughts, without the support of words, also produces response kicks in many ways, so do not kid yourself: if you have not voiced out loud the thought, this does not mean that it has no power.

First of all, it is essential to remember that a person who sends destructive thoughts suffers the consequences through the annihilation of creative imagination. Secondly, any destructive emotion present in one’s mind develops a negative personality that causes rejection from others, and often turns them into antagonists.

A third source of damage to a person who maintains or give rise to negative thoughts lies in this significant fact - these impulses of thought are not only harmful to others, but it insinuates themselves subconsciously in the mind of the sender until they become part of his/her character.
It is assumed that the main goal in life is achieving success. To be successful, you have to be at peace with yourself, you must acquire what is strictly necessary in terms of material notions and, above all, to reach happiness in the end.
All these evidences of success begin as impulses of thought.

You can control your mind, you have the power to load any impulse of thought you may like. This privilege comes with the responsibility to use your constructive mental capacity, being able to master your own earthling destiny in the same way that you have the power to control your own thoughts.

Put order in your own mind and consequently in your life without trusting the fear and the waves of chancethat takes you here and there like a helpless leaf in front of the storm.