At the boundary between supply and demand, when the subconscious is supplier

If you are careful, you must have noticed that most people resort to prayer / request and analytic awareness, concentration or meditation, only after every other approach has failed. So they pray using a simple ritual of words completed with vacuum of meaning.

And since it is guaranteed that most of those who pray do so only after everything else has failed, when they recourse to prayer with their minds full of fear and doubt, the result is not to their wishes. In this case the fear is the type of emotion that a provider receives, in our case the destiny, the universe, or the infinite intelligence, etc., and on which it acts.

If you pray for something, but you’re afraid while praying that you might not get it, or that your prayer will not be heard, your prayer is as good as canceled.

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Sometimes a prayer leads to accomplishing the work that you want. If you ever lived the experience of celebrating a particular prayer, remember what mood you were in while you prayed and you will get the certainty you need that the theory here described is more than a theory.

The method by which you can communicate with the Infinite Intelligence is very similar to that through which the vibration of sound is communicated by radio. If you understand the working principle of a radio, you definitely know that sound can not be transmitted until it turns into a certain vibration that the human ears can not detect. The radio station takes this sound of the human voice and changes it intensifying the vibration for millions of times.

Only in this way can be communicated the energy of sound through space. After this transformation, energy (which was at first a sound vibration) is transmitted to radios that they reconvert the initial vibration so they can be recognized as sound.

The subconscious mind is the intermediary that translates prayers in terms which the Infinite Intelligence can recognize, shows the message and delivers the answer in the form of a specific plan or specific ideas in order to achieve the objects of prayer. Understand this principle and you will know why mere words read from a prayer book cannot and will never serve as an agent of communication between the human mind and the Infinite Intelligence.


Your subconscious can feed with random thoughts - the thoughts of defeat or with thoughts of success and wealth. The choice is yours: the result can bring your success or failure. Understand what are the seven major negative emotions described here and make sure they never find room in your mind.

At the same time, understand and maximize the all-powerful positive emotions. Beyond the limited mind reigns the Infinite Intelligence, at which your mind can be connected as a radio emitting and capturing information in the same time. The energy of the entire Universe can help your prayers to find its answer. Every day you should use the power to build a strong subconscious mind. So that soon you can be able control the initial impulse behind any plan or any activity.

Remember that in every moment of the day the importance of a person is given by the importance of his / her own thoughts.