Thought - the first creation

Just think for a second at the millions of people who have managed to accumulate everything they wanted in life. How do you think they have succeeded if not through the work of their complete thoughts that they have conceived? Possibilities of creative effort that binds subconscious (and supra-conscious) mind are extraordinary and assessed. They instill fear and respect to everyone.


After you have accepted as a reality the existence of subconscious mind and you understand its possibilities as a means of converting your desires into their physical or monetary equivalent, you will understand why it is imperative necessary to spell out your wishes verbally, as in writing. You will understand the necessity of perseverance in carrying out the expressed wishes .

Now, do not get discouraged if you fail during the first attempt. Remember that the subconscious mind may be voluntarily directed only through skillfulness, habit, and repetition. So add patience in the vocabulary of states of mind and soul, followed by faith and perseverance.

Remember that the subconscious operates out of its own desire, whether you make any effort to influence it or not. Obviously, this suggests that thoughts of fear and poverty, and all negative thoughts serve as stimuli to your subconscious mind, unless you manage to master these impulses and give another more useful fuel to your subconscious mind. (mentioned in a previous post).

The subconscious mind does not remain idle! If you fail to implant your desires into the subconscious mind, it will supply itself from the thoughts that come as a consequence of your negligence. The thought impulses, both negative and positive end up in your subconscious mind in continuous flux.

As for now, it is enough to take into account the fact that you live every day conditioned by how the thought impulses reach to your subconscious without knowing it. Some of these impulses are negative, and others are positive. But which group prevails in the daily flow of your thoughts? The worries and distrusts or the beliefs and accomplishments?

Good. You understand this and you enroll in an attempt to block the flow of negative impulses so that your subconscious mind will fed only from the positive impulses of desire. Be careful though because enrolling, assumes a really tough and ruthless system for negative thoughts, just like in the army, in order to annihilate the bad habits and cultivate the really useful ones.


All that a particular person creates begins as an impulse of thought. People cannot create anything if they do not first conceive it mentally. With the help of imagination, thought impulses may be related in order to create plans and goals that lead to success in any occupation that one would choose.

All thought impulses which are conceived in the subconscious mind must be filtered through imagination combined with faith. Adding faith to a plan or purpose that is intended to be brought to the attention of the subconscious mind can be achieved only through the path of imagination. From these observations you will deduce easily that the voluntary use of the subconscious mind requires coordination and application of all these principles.

I’ll let you discover what thoughts prevails in your mind during one day, and if you need help in forming positive habits, you must know that the fact that I’m a coach is not just by coincidence, so I can truly help you!