I wish for you to have in abundance working days without monotony. For what could be more gratifying than sunny days where everything you propose to do it actually is materialized?

‘Abundance’ is a hard word, even more complicated because we manage in some way to assign it totally other connotations than the original ones. Therefore there are so many mornings when we feel as running till the night falls, forgetting to stop and ventilate the space full of stress and fatigue of the afternoons at the office. Not to mention to enjoy small successes we achieve. No wonder that we fell sad for those absorbed in thoughts faces that pass us by down at the subway during morning’s rush hours or in the busy 6 o’clock of the urban evening.

Hoping to accumulate wealth or possessions, or in the contrary seeking to secure a quiet life, not infrequently the busy man or too worried and stressed out, forgets that life is the chance one has to achieve certain things, and not in the cheapest way, nor the most popular way, and certainly not as others think he / she should do it!

And we all know that this opportunity called life is very, very, very and I really insist on the very aspect of preciousness.

Well, whenever I think of abundance I have one or more of the following concepts in mind:

abundenta- Intention ~ which is the first step leading to achieving abundance,

- Faith ~ without which it is as if you want to bring the sea in the desert using a plastic cup

- Mindfullness, the conscious mind and the awakened mind ~ for the ability to open your eyes and ears to everything happening around you. Masters know that a miracle is not formed out of thin air, but because one works thoroughly for it.

- Consciousness ~ which is not the cricket from Disney’s famous animation

- Know-how and knowledge ~ whose benefits I am convinced that you already intuit

- Imagination ~ or, let’s call it, the power to enjoy your own creative ideas

- Organised planning ~ because we need order and cleanliness in order to do everything impeccably right

- Skill and ingenuousness ~ mastered through practice and dedication

- Decision ~ taken no matter how strongly the wind blows

- Clarity of mind without negative mental distractions

- Perseverance ~ and the test your greatest dreams have to face

- Sub-Conscious Mind and Supra-Conscious Mind ~ SCM square because each information must be stored in a server designed to face the highest of standards with ireal, even cosmic utilities.

- Transmutation of sexual energy ~ noticing here the levels of energy in all areas of human existence

- The brain ~ who wants to conquer the world every night 🙂

- The 6th sense ~ nothing science fiction here, just part of the human DNA

- The ghosts of fear ~ maybe with lots of SFs because in the end fear it’s a state of mind we create and induce into our own existence

At the beginning of this article I was about to wish that your every dream come true and the satisfaction that you receiving in doing that comes in abundance in your life. What magical it would be to get yourself surrounded by people you love, good will and bright immaculate times.

imaginatieYou see all of these and many more are the result of the fuel that you use in the journey to your dreams. The fuel is Thought brand and is provided by the gas station called Human Mind.

Like any fuel on the market, there are several varieties, some cheaper, others more expensive, and payment is actually made in smiles. Well, interesting is that there are positive thoughts, impure thoughts and thoughts dominated by the verb `to try`. I’m sure you know the difference between the first two, the third category, you must avoid at any cost, winks at you with an attractive price offer, but deceive you because it takes you on the road, and let you down just when you need it the most, only to be forced to go back a few good miles just to get a filled fuel canister.

What I can tell you is that always the best way to be extraordinary is by following what is ordinary or common. On this route what is ordinary becomes even extraordinary: abundance of a fulfilled life comes to you because you believe in that specific life and you build it properly.