The starfish thrower

Have you ever fallen in love with an idea? And the loving to be a good time, not commercial lasting only three years ?!
I did and this idea says to pay attention to the future because that is where I spend the rest of my life ~ quote from Joel Barker. And it is perfectly true where you dare to aspire and the movement that you adopt accordingly carve today the tomorrow you wish.
No matter if it is about purpose in life, vision, clarity or desires, I think what really matters is to stay true to yourself. And also for you to really listen to yourself, because you have much to share! And in the same time you manage to really see yourself, just like the friend that spontaneously appears in your selfie picture lighting it up with a charming smile.


The starfish thrower is the man who makes the morning walk on the beach a perfect act of creation. It is he who chooses to communicate with the world and save as many marine creatures that were brought ashore by the swirling waves. The one who does not care what is being emerged from the conventional mindset of others, and who does things in which he really believes in. And it all makes sense to him, without the need to create an argumentative text on their basis.

A stars savior here, another one on the next beach, a morning spent in energy and you feel like you get a better person just by being active. In other words, meeting active and optimistic people you finally reach to that conclusion. Which one you might wonder… this is your own homework to solve quickly.

I am not telling you to move to any city with a coast and marine animals that could receive aid. But I am reminding you that yes! it matters very much to go out and do the things that you think can be of help, even if there are others who advocate already for them and therefore act in the same direction. The difference is that every time the action happens differently, because we are different. And it‘s a fantastic thing.

And when the optimism of pro-activity is contagious, we could really understand how interesting we are as a species.