The tea leaves

An peculiar invention of nature can turn for a few moments, in an example of challenges’ attitude encountered in life. So, I suggest you take a cup of tea beside you while you enjoy the following analogy 🙂

Good. While we’re waiting for the leaves to do their job in the steaming cup, we can imagine that we are in a kitchen with an Italian flair, where the sun penetrates with joy early in the morning. It’s great bustle, just like in any other day when people dare to take care of business.

The housewife gets to work already preparing the food that help us travel with energy through life. With a potato, a symbol of resistance, a fragile egg and some scented tea leaves, she rolls up her sleeves and gets to the preparation of traditional recipes with attitude.

She puts in 3 pots of boiling water every one of the listed ingredients. And she waits, because she has learned that the best dishes are made with patience and attention. After a long journey in harsh environments, the brave potato becomes soft, while the egg starts protecting itself behind a strong shells of calcium. Out of all the tea leaves just proceeds backwards. They directly change the environment in which they are put in.

34125c6887dae88706841f2ef257bcee Depending on how much time you give to them, you will have a tasty drink. Also they will show you how you can override those moments that seem to make you boil under all kinds of pressure. You have to keep calm harmony working on the problem - the boiling water. The leaves don’t speak about how great they are, but simply they do their job as they know best.

The tea leaves do not get angry and for sure do not fall prey to emotions, trials and tribulations. Rather, they contribute to making better the environment, making a cup of hot water in a mouth full of health and detoxification. There do not get overwhelmed, but rather they become a source of contagious optimism and success.

What else is there to add. I only recommend you to act like tea leaves in your harsh days, so that we can all hear about many true stories about people with a great working attitude and contagious joy.