The Manager and the Swan

I met them in a March evening, while exploring the beautiful shore of Lake Balaton. They were minding their own business without seeming over-impressed by the story like scenery, that I guess it was already part of their world.

I admit that I had seen similar landscapes in futuristic movies: you know, those movies with scenes on lakes covered in mystery and wrapped in purple shades of the sublime. As you can imagine, I was very happy to find this corner of fantasy in the real world.

Dreams come TRUE Coaching by Elena Capruciu
At first, in the distance, trying to figure out the lake’s boarders as there was impossible to see clearly the fine line where the sky meets the lake, I saw this proud and calm creature, floating by.

I believe it came attracted by the rustle of my feelings of admiration and gratitude. This is how I got the chance to discover a complete manager model in nature. I’ve seen these qualities many times separated from a whole, in diverse situations, but never in the same place. OK, don’t imagine that I went „swans haunting” with any of the managers that I know. Just that I had the opportunity to identify the most important qualities of a man who can be a manager in the being of this noble creature.

Elena Capruciu
Yes indeed, you read correctly … a manager found in a swan:

- keep his head up observing and understanding what is happening around him, acting equally cautious and smart.
- he sends you a lot of finesse of logic.
- is an elegant example of devotion to his work and working environment.
- takes strong decisions and objective with his plan of action, thus having the warantee for success lies in his confidence.
- he spreads his wings only when he’s really ready to solve the obstacles he encounters, and keep them in a controlled and relaxed position during the brainstorming sessions or when is actually working upon the plan of action.
- can capture your attention, admiration and respect for his simplicity of living moment by moment without asking tyrannical to be heard.

Moreover, you know he’s there next to you when you encounter difficulties, and any admonition he offers is actually an encouragement that everything can be fixed and that you are in a constant development process.

Executive Coaching cu Dreams come TRUE Coaching by Elena Capruciu
After meeting with this swan, I took some time to reflect upon your job and the responsibilities you wear on your shoulders. And I understood that the Executive Coaching Program reveals not only the support you need to excel in your profession, but also, helps you to be that professional leader you would follow instinctively, respecting him for his transparency and clarity.