A team and a car

You really get to know people when you really WANT to do this. One advantage is that you manage to free your mind off of any stress called judgment leaving plenty of space for meaningfull thoughts.

This is how, in the middle of the night I went off on a long car journey with four people - a small team whose purpose was to understand in more detail the HARMONY of simplicity of life.

Dreams come TRUE Coaching by Elena CapruciuThe first test I would say was the one of CONFIDENCE in the driver who had to concentrate all the night on more or less troublesome roads. How did I managed to understand that we were a team? Thanks to our SOLIDARITY because we kept talking to the driver even when the greatest temptation was to rest our eyes for several minutes.

Each of us has his own story, with unique waking alarms and lifestyles, different degrees of tolerance for how the roommate sleeps and a specific lust for life. By cleaning our dusty minds and dropping the preconceived thoughts like „Look at this person… what words come out his mought / what he does / how he acts…” helped us to be THERE present for one other. OPEN COMMUNICATION.

In the 12 hours of continuous driving, under the stars on the way to Arad, or guided by the early morning rays in the neighbor little country, I realized that in a team what matters a lot is the sense of BELONGING. The reality changes completely when you see things beyond your own self: when in your heart you leave room to accept the others, appreciating them for who they are, being with them with genuine RESPECT.

Other tests were STABILITY and SUSTAINABILITY that we brilliantly passed when we kept our purpose: to discover how to bring HARMONY in our lives. Smiling we solved even what came unexpected and at the first get together, I got the feeling that everything happened just a few seconds ago, even if day passed since then.

Dreams come TRUE Team Coaching by Elena Capruciu

The easiest test was the one called JOY TO BE, which we passed when we allowed those around us to get to know us better. All of this, when we had been fooled with the funniest 1st of April tricks or we sang long forgotten lyrics, when we made compormises, or we looked eager to dine together or, maybe, when we understood our moments of silence.

In a team, we talk about people first of all, and tests like the above ones you can also pass together with your group of people. Through our dedicated programs for Team Training & Coaching and Dreams Team Building, this is what we do: give people the opportunity to know each other like if they were going on a car journey and, by the time they reached their destination they were no longer strangers, but good friends.

In other words, how much would you like to work in a harmonious space with people you can trust, that you perfectly understand and who represent for you resources of energy, optimism, respect and results?