The fuel that makes the world go round

Eheeeei, if there is some time since your last visit at the dreams station, you should be informed that people now bet on a fuel like no other: passion.

It is said to be friendly with the environment, feeding it instead of destroying it; it has a very different economic approach which doesn’t bring the money moles into you wallet, because the payment is made in owns ambitions.


This fuel is to be found at the premium gas station created to be offer you the best resources you need in order to be always on your way towards your achievements.

The mechanics on duty we have are the Dreams come TRUE Coaching by Elena Capruciu team members, who will surely offer you the help and support you are looking for.

So, what is the deal with this special fuel? Well, I think you will find out if you dare to do the following research easy project.

In the first stage, that looks a little like the tele-encyclopedia, you have to analyse how people speak about their passions, in general.

Everything seems ancient, and everything is new in the same time, therefore grab a pencil and a piece o paper and write on the vertical line the word:


After this, without giving it much thought, start developing the acronym by writing down the states of mind you associate with each letter.


Please, be very cautious! It is important to write only words with a positive meaning, not just how the word looks like. The aren’t allowed any negation, that our subconscious mind includes it in the category of affirmative notions.

I believe that our hobbies could be lived only according to the level of respect and involvement we reach out to them, as an acknowledged part of our life.

Passions do not seek pleasure after every pain, instead they are meant to raise you up or to heal the wounds made during a challenge.

Passions represent our pure motivation to give something to others, without being selfish about it, Just giving all you’ve got, with as much enthusiasm as possible.

tabara-de-pictura-hobby-art-i440For the last step of this game you havve to choose somebody you find passionate enough to „study”. What do you see in him or her and sends you the message of living his or her passions? What do you like very very much? If it is of any use for you, write everything down.

Great, now let’s return to you… does it seem like you are working in an encyclopedia show when you start speaking about your passions?

You know, I would like to hear from you about this subject, so instead of waving goodbye online, I will let you reflect on this last thought signed by Brancusi himself:

“The pleasure with which an artist works is the very heart of his creation. In the absence of heart there is no art! The first rule is you to enjoy it, lo care and love passionately what is that you do. Make it your personal joy. And this personal joy could become a means of bringing joy in the life of others.”