Sincerity by instinct

Instinctively I breathe in and out, being careful to the oxygen I more or less find in the atmosphere and feel my nostrils in a complete euphoria when, through my travels, I get to breathe air free of pollutants, false projections or lies.

Equally instinctively I drink the water that helps me to live, to get things through, to take my dreams to fulfillment and to give a clear and crystalline vibration my life.

Maybe not as instinctive, but definitely a bit more conscious, I live my days and nights, with the sincerity that I believe, we all deserve to have in ourselves. In this way, I always discover with amazement what is my attitude when interacting with others, transforms miraculously when it is correlated with respect, reciprocity and honesty …

I think maybe it would be „cool” to adopt such a perspective on how we live our days and years and the above words to be extracted from a Statement of owns sincerity, written under the seal of an honest mind.


Seems to be somewhat utopic? Of course not, it’s rather a notion of own will, which is based on the genesis of the question: Actually, how would you want to have your life? How much honesty do you present on a scale from 1-10?


If we are in an exploratory coaching session, based on this subject I would like to ask: what is the mechanism by which you finely work? What really makes you radiate and/or brings shade into your life?

How many times have you looked in your interior google , online and offline information with confirmation about the life that you have, just like now? And what insights you get, after these searches?

When you wish, please give me a sign, once you have decided it’s time to live as you want, and even if you’re not clear yet how to do it, it’s ok. Just take the first step and then others will follow on this path of following dreams.

It’s enough to start with a thought on this. Then will follow ideas, words, actions … and then you will understand that you can turn the wand and everything, only of you want, believe and understand how it all works. And especially why? And last but not least: What good is in all of this? What’s next? Come on be honest and give me a sign 🙂