The Endless Column

… I know you agree with me that this is one of Brancusi’s works of genius, representing elements very well encoded in the national DNA through the need to create beautiful and simple things that bring man in complete harmony with society.

I have read many things about this sculpture that leaves you speechless when you see it. One of the information indicates that attempts to create an Endless Column existed before, for other foreign lands, but the masterpiece was complete in Targu Jiu. Again, I think that the national DNA is involved.

Brancusi himself states that: „The reality that the Pillar - along with the other two stone symbols of mine - embodies is gaining consciousness as we celebrate the wedding with the endless universe, the longing that animates heroes to search for the absolute.”

Now I am sure that you got a little blurry and you wonder what’s the point of this article? Well, look at it as an invitation to be complete, in reason and emotion so that, including at work, you could enjoy outstanding experiences and the routine of your working days could be replaced with the creation of genius that your dare to dream at. Find yourself in the national DNA from the Endless Column and dare to talk about life and fulfillment, about creation and eternity … to make sense out of all your activities.

And because, most of the times, we get in Collision with motivational messages that do not solve our problems, or we get bored finding „how to …” recipes and we forget to smile, I suggest to look for rigor in everything you do. Yes, yes … rigor could be part of the solution, of course if you give it a chance.

Now, if you need some help and do things better, without quitting halfway write an e-mail at [email protected]. Give us some credit and you’ll see that the results you dream off are not so impossible as they seem.


„I do not want to be fashionable. All that is fashionable, then disappears with fashion … No matter if, on the contrary, your work is challenged today. Because when it’ll finally be understood, it will exist for ever.” Constantin Brancusi

PS: why not, in the first sunny weekend you take your team and take a trip to Targu Jiu enjoying the energy of the complex created by Brancusi 😉 I’m sure it’ll do you lots of good.