Team of fun and games

There are times when words are not enough. What do you want to hear from me? How did I came up to this conclusion? Well, it is quite simple: thanks to the beautiful and recent Dreams come TRUE Coaching experiences we recently had!


One weekend, mountains all around, 70 people in the same place with the same goal: to live the team building of mystery, worth mentioned and remembered, dominated by fun, games, and communication. Collegiality! Enthusiasm! Respect! Cheerfulness! (Meta)Communication! Knowing one another! Moments together! Fair play! Trust! 100% Involvement!

If, by any chance you missed it, let me inform you that we, those who wear the purple color of objectives made true, create exceptional team buildings that could leave you speechless at the ending festivity! And this is a wonderful thing, because the energy of the emotions felt then confirms our success together, help us modestly bow in front of an amazing participants and gives us courage to embrace the next challenge!

And we don’t speak using the past tenses. The story I have in mind is just starting, in a perfect environment of playfulness, where the line is not crossed because people are playing for the fun of it!

2024-02-20 15.10.27

Lacking the written courses and conventional formalities that you find in a training program, we actually proved that it is useful to explore the situations of harsh times with little resources and in the end to manage to make something memorable out of them. Because help, skillfulness, patience and creativity are our magic touch, ready to be used at any given moment!

The most important, and of course logic lesson was received with wide opened arms. The people we had the pleasure to work with knew themselves better, and this is not just a direct feedback from them, but a result of our personal observations. That we are so proud and happy about 🙂

2024-02-21 11.59.05

As usual, we are more than honored to meet such beautiful groups of people, who are able to understand that the rules of a training ground are there making possible the value of success.

You already know that responsibility and maturity go hand in hand with live in the moment and happy. The rest of the story is not „and they lived happily ever after”. There are many pages to write and tell, in the space of the office, where the same type of fair play and energy can unleashed.