Synonym of integrity

I enjoyed to read a summary of a book about integrity, namely: that this is not something you either have or not. I understood that in fact is a development path that we all have access to. And the book had an intriguing title: „Integrity - Courage to settle down the claims of reality”.

Throughout history, the concept of integrity echoed on every continent, came to the ears of every man who ever lived. But living in the present I ask you, what it means to you, how do you define, my dear reader: the idea of integrity?

From my point of view, theories, philosophies and constant attempts to control the various powers ragged the idea of integrity, over the years. As well as what happened to other notions - human stand points.

However, I must confess it’s a challenge to live consciously in the present tenses. To feel that you are and that you can live in harmony with your values and principles that make your life bright.


A-ha, maybe you’re thinking about work…Integrity at the office can be a challenge, I know! And yet, when you don’t let yourself ‘be overwhelmed and you start to find solutions, without losing your temper or patience, you are more likely to do something that is worthwhile and to remain also in agreement with the values of who you are.

Yes it is very much possible! I have to point out that I never admitted that it’s easy … or hard, after all they are just our projections on neutral facts. We choose what connotations of joy or lack of it we bring in everything we experience daily.

I think synonyms of integrity are carefully chosen, made by the most interesting people, most of them being constantly exposed fighting their saboteurs and fears. Once you begin to practice and train constantly your courage, you discover that practice, like any well-placed routine becomes a healthy habit of being honest with yourself and those around you.