Sharing more of the real you with the world

As the years pass by, people tend to get stubborn in complicating their existence. The main image gets so blurred, that you feel you are in a thicker fog than the one Sherlock Holmes used to deal with when solving his magnificent cases on the streets of London.

Many civilizations were swapped away from the geography of modern time, even if archeologists consider they had a highly advanced degree of knowledge and progress. They left behind lots of puzzles, but their uniqueness made an imprint in the archives of time. paun-roz

Allow me to ask this non-rhetoric question, what you do to get noticed? In a world that continuously grows and changes, you stand in lines with those who melt only at the taught of having a short holiday, and in the rest of the time you are frozen in a professional routine? Or do you stand in line with those fortunate, who courageously enrolled to bring a change in an let’s say classic lifestyle, and in return they walk on roads nobody went before, let’s call it assumed reality.

Whatever your choice might be, you are responsible for the result, as well as the progress.

What is of OUR interest? And I would like to know your opinion on this. For sure the answers are different from one bright mind, to another, this is why I take the risk of repeating myself when asking: What is of YOUR interest?

The first step you take to become more visible in the world you live in, is to get to see yourself, just the way you really are. And of course, this should happen on the premises of seeing what pleases the eye and nourishes the heart. Then you will discover your own uniqueness, and you know I’m talking about that je ne sais quoi you will never have to explain to anyone.

The fact that not all is revealed to you from the first look is not a tragedy. The tragedy arises when you see something, and yet you decide to work against it, feeding your obstacles and fears. Why not? After all, life is easier in the spot where we feel comfortable.

Aham… mark my words: What’s the worst thing that could happen if you were “real” with people? How the world around you would react in that moment? If you find this is a very tough task you have to solve, remember there is a solution in coaching. And I tell you this because I really want to see more of the people aware of how amazing they really are.