Being the real you

If you are curious to know how many people use the same name to address his/her own personality, you don’t really need to visit the archives of a statistical institute. I, is the monosyllabic word that stands on our mouths daily, and is the name with which we feel comfortable the most.

Me, myself and I the English speakers use. Why would it be enough only one name? It seems that in this way you have many more to share, and the confusion seems easier to digest.

Beyond any ironical perspective, from the German ich up to the Japanese 私 watashi, if you just travel the world to see how people translate this pronoun, for sure you will need some time to spare.

In most of the cases there are only two letters, but between them are well protected our ego, attachments and needs to be part of a world of labels. In this case…what is there left to do? How you end up connecting to the real you, not the surface one silenced by me?

fox Meeting an ordinary me from a crowd is not what we are supposed to do. Not even meeting a more specific name… It would be more useful to meet the man coming our way. It might be easier to make the effort to remember this individual, not thanks to its name, nor a physical trait, but for the human being he/she is. Less labels, more understating and compassion.

In a working environment, I find it very challenging to create real notable inter-human relations. Those aspect that go further from own interests, job requirements, business goals, rules and hierarchies that complicate the simple basis of communication. Congratulations for what you manage to do (and communicate) day by day!

You know what? I would love to visit you one day, bring some nectar and talk with the real you, the one waiting at the border of comfort zone. And you know I am not talking to the usual pronoun, but to the person finding more about him/herself with every solved obstacle.