re(play) for team building

Because we have just returned from a teambuilding, I would like to tell you a thing or two about what happens when people actually communicate!

Basically they reach to a common denominator called confidence, so that they rest assured that they can count on each others shoulders in any circumstances.Trust is not a game which is why I always do my best to remind you that everything you get correlates to the intensity you’re giving.


Human nature, under the effervescence of the competitive spirit, sometimes thinks that the are allowed lots of maneuvers to get closer to the winning grounds. Well things are not quite as it seems… because competitivity, wars and fights can surely be perceived as silly conventions that do not justify by any means the lack of fair play.

There is a saying suggesting that everything is permitted in love and war… I consider it to be insubstantial and I can not agree with it. How can you be allowed to get something memorable when you know that you have to destroy someone during the process? How can you possibly enjoy something, when you got it thanks to intrigues, lies and abominations?

Courage, again is closely related to the feeling of safety that it brings in the life of an individual. Taking action just to defy comfort zone is not always the best option. Courage does not mean that you have to find yourself in more or less dangerous situations, it actually depends on overcoming fears counting on the support of the group to which you belong.

Here are some images of people who dared to overcome their fear of exposure to unknown, stepping on a rope held by colleagues. With every step you could see on their faces the optimism and confidence in themselves and their colleagues. Read carefully! There were people who care for those walking the rope, and they felt & knew it!

It would
be appropriate to understand that in a team
and fairness -based work environment we are alone just because we act so stubborn.

Getting along / working together becomes a challenge when we actually forget to be together. In vain the right end of the group gets up, if the left side remains on the ground. The main idea is for the group to process the information received and seek a solution as a whole, wearing a genuine smile as bonus attitude. Because it is something very possible!


Oh yes, the patience! is allowed everywhere. The same goes with granting aid or recognition of merit, to encourage the repetition of something valuable.

Remember the good out of your team attempts and learn:

  • to calm down and move forward just like the crystal clear water
  • To burn of enthusiasm and reborn just like a Phoenis bird
  • To go out exploring the world by listening to as many ideas revealed by the wind of possibilities
  • to find your spot in the team, just like the roots of a plant in fertile soil
  • to put passion and soul in everything you do, because the things you make with your heart’s envolvment are worth it!