Inspired to pay it forward!

Where does the realm of all possibilities beggins for you?!

I love those moments when during my daily activities I find new and strong arguments that there still is something good to bring in this world. Yes, we can build our beautiful future, not on the foundation of sleep or on words without any substance. But through all of those brave achievements. As it’s not magic or chance, but rather determined effort and determination in its application!

The Dreams come TRUE Coaching by Elena Capruciu message for once is: share the good news and pay it forward! Whether the news are about truly lived life examples, or gestures of honesty towards stranges or people you know, it’s very important that you do it.


What do you think about using the it’s possibleidea every time you encounter a less familiar situation? Let’s consider it as a valuable muscle of your mind, that you just have to train daily. Otherwise it will atrophy and, really it is a shame for all things you could get in the future!

They say it helps you to go on the surface when you feel like you‘re choking because all of a sudden you fail to break the deadlock. How would it be to shake off from your world all the shortcomings? How would you feel to help people who really need help? And everything powered by the desire to give another chance to truly altruistic things.

Good deeds make human character more noble and nourishes the soul! Remember this one thing that you could actually actively integrate into your life. It is all about casuality: you get what you offer in return. Your gift will surprise you depending on your motivation to share in the first place.

I’m sure you’ve been through such tempting offers of life, which some find hard to understand but for those just like you, they are only proofs and resources for your life goals. It is in your hands the power to choose the really interesting goals!