Priorities and motivations

This week seems to have the theme of priorities linked to it.

The hero of the book I am reading lives solving a continuous list of priorities, and friends with whom I have recently spoke with respect a program of objectives they set up some time ago. Even the Easter Holidays seem to be a discipline of harmony between spiritual and daily time, as integrated as possible.

Maybe there is the influence of spring sogs … but I have the impression that everything fits perfectly into a thematic Japanese painting. Look, just out of curiosity open a page with a collection of such spring Japanese paintings and take notes of the first two ideas that inspire you.

For me, a first impression was the harmony of colors, so elegant that made thinking about the natural order of the world.

And the second idea is the beauty of simplicity itself. Well, I can tell you that in February I played with my drawing skills and made cherry blossoms detail. The following drawing was the result of my playfulness:

I’m very fond of this drawing as I made it focusing on the creative process. I could say that at that moment of the day I prioritized that drawing without imposing any time limit.

I have allowed myself to bring the drawing to a level that made me feel happy. And that’s what I did.

Photo credit:

While I kept on hearing the notion of priorities, and aware as I was of my plans for the following period, I developed the following idea:

„Priority” is, however, a term I use when determining the importance level for different actions on both on a daily and weekly bassis.

What keeps me active is the very motivation for which I want to succeed, in its intensity. The more I prioritize this motivation, the more I become aware of the limited time I have at my disposal.

Basically, it is similar to the moment when I drew: I put my goal on sight, somewhere from where I can look at it every day. I take short and frequent breaks as I need … but I use my time in a smart way.