Lotus flower

The Lotus Flower isn’t just a beautifull plant. Should I start telling you that it is also a plant surounded by symbolism and appreciated in lots of cultures, mainly from Asia?

I know you have met this symbol many times, but I ask you, did you know it has a very interesting feature? Although it grows in murky waters, the lotus flower rises above the water to bloom under the sunlight light. Then, when evening comes, it goes underwater just to return the follwing day as mysterious as always.

As I was saying there are many symbols written on the petals of a lotus flower, but what I can recommend is this:

  1. Bloom similar to a lotus flower, in the hardest and complicated circumstances, swamps of everyday pollution or replayed shades of gray caused by the suffering that teaches us how to survive now and then. Without swiming in the seas of worries or debt, choose to rise above all, beaming with beauty and modesty.
  2. Be a worthy representative of its reference elements:
    genuine beauty ~ because what really matters are the beings that you meet every day
    welfare ~ in order to have the power to talk incessantly about life
    fidelity ~ for your own life, dreams and ideals
    honor ~ as it is the most valuable status it is worth bragging about, „I love my life”
  3. Paint your life in bright colors knowing that: white stands for purity of mind and soul; red for compassion and love for life; blue for wisdom and good sense; pink to learn from legends and myths, history and personal experience; purple because you care for the mysticism in your life; and gold because you’re looking to have a fulfilling life away from the dunes of ignorance and wickedness.
  4. Reborn, each time through your beautiful ideas, through the dreams you develop, through the ideals in which you believe! Reality is better than any rush to collect goods, and change is part of any travel itinerary full of learning and adventure!