Philosophy with my grandpa

— „My child, I haven’t done so much school as you do…. I have no idea what you are talking about. My life so far was filled with great moments, and less great ones. What can I do? This is how things go… life is like the calm water under the wind’s touch” said the old man with clear eyes.

— „I think that you know more than you let me believe!” said the girl, that child that grew up to finish college.

— „Tell me, what is there written in your books?” he asked without stoping even for a second from working on the soil, to find the perfect place for his seeds.

— „Well… one saus that The only limits we have are the limits we believe *Wayne Dyer. Another has this advice: Sow a thought, reap an action; sow an action, reap a habit; sow a habit, reap a character; sow a character, reap a destiny. *Stephen R Covey

christian-joudrey-90289 Credit photo: Christian Joudrey

— „Hehe… nice words… What do you think?” the old man kept asking without considering to stop from his activity.

— „Let me think… I think… I think we have the power to do great things in life, but there are many times when we lack the courage to do so”.

— „Is that so? Or is something you picked up from one of your books? You stay al them with those in your arms… What do you think?

After a few moments of wondering the firl answered:

— „In your life stories!”

— „Not even that, my dear… not even. Look… while I was young and strong I went to where my feet decided to go. ..So I found this place in Romania where they say their ancestors used to live, the people of Dacia.”

— „Have you seen Sarmisegetuza?” the gild asked with a curiosity you can seldom find. „You’ve never told me this. How is it there? Is it as magical as I’ve heard?”

— „If you really wish to go there, you will find a way to see with your own eyes its magic. It is indeed a beautiful place, in the heart of nature, protected by mountains. There I met a local who had this great story of the past. According to him, when they where threatened by the romans, in order to protect the land they did a crazy intelligent thing. They cleared a forest, put weapons on the tree trunks and made it seem as a big army. The romans actually believed this and retreated.”

— „That is smart indeed! I’ve read that they believed they were immortals..”

— „Who knows… maybe this is true. You see…they has something to believe without doubts. This is how they found the courage to go to battle each and every time. My dear…when you were little you believed no one… you had to prove for yourself everything.”

— „I don’t remember… What I used to do?”

— ” Give me headaches for sure. I was happy to see you looking for answers. Who knows, maybe after this much school you will rest a while and go back to that search for answers.”

— „That could be an idea… But, would you tell me how do you remember me?”

— „I remember this time when you believed you were Sherlock and I don’t remember his name. You got a magnifying glass as a present… strange nevertheless, but something that you adored. You used to search even under the pile of leaves to see what sort of life form is hidding there.”
— „Oh yes… I remember this. It was really useful to find mother’s ring I lost while playing. I will look for it… who knows what surprises will came along with it”.

**Cover photo by Benjamin Combs on Unsplash