Talking with Sarah

This summer I have met Sarah, a tall British woman, with that lovely accent and a warm voice perfect for singing. It happened to share the lunch table one day, so it was not hard to engage into a debate regarding What brought you here? and How do you plan to spend the week here? Any recommendations?

I am sure that each one of us had at least one interesting conversation with someone. So, why would talking with Sarah be special? I might consider the quality of the subject, but that would not be the whole truth.

The greatness came from the joy I had by the end of our short encounter as I found myself thinking „I am really happy I decided to have lunch here”

Photo by @mihaisurdu on Unsplash

Sarah told me true stories, about brave people she proudly has as her friends. People, who showed her how you should behave when life is not that easy on you. And no…. I really don`t think she spoke about the already known story of Harry Potter`s creator, nor from the insights she got while reading the life stories of famous people, such as Charlie Chaplin.

From what I recall, her friend got to this crossroad where nothing went right. She managed to get unemployed, homeless, and it seemed she had very little reason to keep on going. One day the magic happened. She wrote to Sarah telling her in a few words what she decided to do next.

After getting genuine encouragement from her friend, she kept on being faithfull to her idea. Sarah had this joy in her smile when she told me about the moment her friend wrote with updates. The decision she made was comming from her inner strenght, motivating her to survive any hardships…and things started going right for a change.


Photo by @anderburdain on Unsplash

Of course, it was not that easy for her… I don’t remember all the details, but I still remember very clear what Sarah said about her interaction with this whole situation. She confessed that for once she felt the energy her friend put in the desire to bring a change in her life. This is how Sarah tries to explain why things started working this time. There was the sparkle we all need to bring beauty from within.

The way I see it, this „sparkle” is exactly that feeling when I set my mind on something…maybe a little bit difficult, maybe something completely new for me. There is this instant when I look at my fingers, and I realise that I can do it… is there … tickling on the tip of my fingers. And I go for it. And I succeed , as far my powers can take me. And then I am happy.

You see, I believe this is something Sarah’s friend felt. I think is something all of us can feel, more often, more confidently.

*Thank you note photo by @jessicabristow on Unsplash