one hour behind and 7 minutes ahead: no time pressure

I work with people since I can ever remember, and every time I do it I get the feeling I bring in a beautiful contribution in this world we share.

I must admit that I really like Alive People!!! Those who inspire you through their way of being … with whom you spend hours and hours without feeling the time passing by.

I like alive people because they know how to enjoy their mornings and days at the office, realizing that most of what they do depend on the clarity of their intentions and decisions.

Dreams come TRUE Coaching by Elena Capruciu

By the way, have you ever considered how many thousands of decisions we make in one day? Imagine the early morning start, when we choose in what boal to serve breakfast, how many teaspoons we eat and we finish in the evening when, the final decision is to say good night to thoughts with the clear intention to get some rest.

I like alive people because they seem to be the most beautiful people in the world, beaming with happiness and light. I for one recognize them very easily, because they are those who, when starting to talk about a dream they have you soon get to feel like you’re part of the story. It’s doable, and this confidence they place in that dream is more than contagious, it’s inspirational!

I like alive people for the goodness that characterizes them. And for their creativity that is simply delicious. These people are those who don’t know any more how to write a negative sentence, while creating one is out of the question for them.

Dreams come TRUE

They live in a world slightly different and more special than the one promoted on the 5 o’clock news or we read about here and there. It’s a timeless world, as they are by one hour behind the century of speed, and at the same time they are with seven minutes ahead of everybody, managing to achieve their goals and having time to enjoy the result.

I think that they have understood that, through their decisions they gain the power to overcome any superficial problem. You know, those problems that today explain the bag of dark circles under our eyes or why we meet with dear friends less often than we would like.

Me, together with my team have found a way to literally help anyone wanting to get into the category of trully alive people. Can you imagine how it would be to give up the routine stress, enjoying the beauty of this no time pressure - when everything, and I mean absolutely everything has a beginning and end - and all this without feeling guilty, exhausted and an easy prey to old habits?

Customer Care Service Coaching by Elena Capruciu

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