3 noble questions!

1. How are we supposed to stay grounded in our mission and values when external influences make us go on wrong paths?

External influences will always be surrounding you. We can not live in a crystal bubble walking only on the path we have chosen and that protects us from external influences. That’s for sure!

Instead we could set short-term goals that meet the objective of moving towards something greater and with every success made we could undertake a quick assessment to celebrate the courage and initiative so far! Afterwards we will see what resources we have acquired or used so far, and what we can do to ensure the success of the next short-termed goal.

The timeline is also equally important. Treat it like your child you educate to become a responsible, vertical and rigorously adult!

When we move away from our path, due to the external influences we easily get carried far away. A few blocks later we begin to feel remorse, and we manage to search for a strategy to go back because we realize that we are in danger. Searching and advancing in the same time makes us forget the starting point. This is the moment when it becomes increasingly difficult for us to have a beautiful life in the absence of our own sense of values.

Without honoring our values we live and empty life! This is what you want? No!? Then do something … depending on how much you feel lost! It’s ok, we all go through this kind of stage! And it’s comforting to know that there are people who understand you and know there are ways to get back on track, sometimes even faster than imagined!

Feet-on-ground-in-ivy2. How to get results when our mind is confused by too many fantasies that keep our head to much in the clouds?

I think this is quite simple to answer. Establish who’s the boss: you who live day by day, and come forth! Or the fantasies of your mind that are so greedy and cares only for the small pleasures, deluding you instead of being of support for you in your course to true satisfaction … You know, the one obtained thanks to respecting your own purpose in life! Even if you do not formulate it as a full sentence with subject, verb, adjectives and nouns, I trust that you know what is your purpose in life!

All there is left for you to do is to decide between short pleasures given by illusions or the wonderful feeling given by the pleasure of living!

3. How to anchor ourselves in order not to forget „to keep our feet on the ground” in order to materialize the noble intentions we have?

Interesting question, don’t you think so?
It’s like the time when you forget something and wonder „how I could do that”? Maybe it happened for you not to remember locking the door before leaving home? Or as a driver you may have forgotten to put fuel even though you knew it was important to do so.
And when everything goes great Baaaaam! you are bumping on the anxiety of remembering. And you have two choices available: to panic, or keep your temper and find a solution!

Getting down to earth and remaining there doesn’t mean that you are adding a new task for making your intentions possible! It is more an attitude about who you are and how you want to present yourself every day - first of all in front of yourself, and secondly in front of those with whom you interact!