My job, my business

An actor goes on the stage wearing the shoes of the character he has well studied in advance. And he did it so well that even his own inner consciousness is trying to live another life in the moment of the play.

Couples dancing in the most prestigious competitions, keep their calm by controlling their body, leaving emotions to fade away thanks to their long training time dedicated to winning the trophy.

The doctor keeps his temper when the patient gets sick and leaves himself to be rescued by the man who has studied and prepared many years for such critical seconds.

The teacher enters the classroom proud of her children, knowing what challenge is to train them to sit still and learn new and useful things.

The coach forgets himself when he is working in a meeting. Mainly because it is one of the skills that he has devoted time and energy to form, just to be of help for those who require help.


I don’t think the researcher can imagine how it feels to sit still, without experimenting and taking for granted someone else’s conclusion. He has his own power of understanding that may elucidate a mystery, an error, a solution, a new opportunity in places where only the windows are available.

The true tourism guide really lives with a deep respect for places that he has to present, knowing that the world is more than just a trip. It is all about the constancy in time and space, if you do it right.

The writer wakes up while the sky is awake to become able to tell the whole world what she has been ignoring.

Every mother smiles softly when you wave them goodbye as she knows that deep down, you still are the naughty child she cared for years ago.

And how many more others there are in the world. If we would do our job without thinking how it must be, or how does others do it. Without over thinking the mistakes, when in fact all we need to do is to explore the multitude of opportunities we have access to!

As we leave less manipulated by success stories that only works for certain characters and we learn to listen to our inner rhythm, we obtain consistent results. Isn’t it so? Then your beloved dream career would not sound like an extension of your life, but will become part of who you are!