Metaphors of happiness

Happiness is something you enjoy on a daily basis End of line

Further more: in various flavors, different quantities, every second, with the guaranteed well being mood. Everything necessary to disturb the worries and dissapointments gathered over time, unwittingly and unmindful.

The flavor impossible to forget is the one of good deeds, that are baked throughout the year, not just on Christmas Eve masked by apple and cinnamon fragrance.

Happiness can also be similar to your favorite ice-cream flavor, the one you cannot refuse even on a blizzard. Are you familiar with those times when you allow yourself to act natural, laughing until your cheeks fall, and still not thinking to stop?


Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

You can choose a more light / gourmet version of happiness, such as doing something for yourself. Then you’ll not say no to a wish based on false projections of not having time, money, or energy.

For example, I am happy every time I listen to classical music. As winter approaches and the daylight time is reduced, one has the tendency to think that there is not enough time for Edvard Grieg: Peer Gynt Suite Op. 46 No. 1 aka „The morning mood” or …. (to be filled with something simple and clear, that brings you joy).

Leaving asside all the metaphors and nice words, I would really like you to remember that, you deserve to be happy every single day.

It is all worth it:

  • to be patient while listening to the amazing stories of your child;
  • to call your parents even if you just have „Hello” to say to them. Mum will end up asking to be quick as she has something on the stove, and you can talk later. It is really ok.
  • to take some 3,4, 7 minutes break at work, not necessarily to smoke, but rather to stretch a little - do something for your back bones for a change;
  • to smile, not because you set your mind to it, but because it has already gotten into your system;
  • to be compassionate - towards those who have already forgotten how good it feels to go on an unplanned trip;
  • to show respect - towards those who work hard day by day to respect their own happiness.

Photo credit: Hug by Ariel Lustre on Unsplash