Letters and (re)discovery

I simply adore letters. Those that are written in the silence of the rain, as well as those written on one’s knees, protected by the shade of a favourite tree in the park.

Scented or not, letters are full of life. How could it be otherwise? When you lack gestures, voice tone, and eyes mysteries, the short sentences, made up from simple words, have the power tp make themselves seen, followed and listened.

From a letter you learn to have patience, to express yourself in a clear manner, to control your curiosity from the moment you receive the envelope, up to the revealing moment of its contents. In the following second, the letter transform in a time capsule that gives you the chance to remember certain emotions everytime you read it.

joanna-kosinska-290213Photo by Joanna Kosinska on Unsplash

And there are various methods used to write letters. Even today, when smart gadgets seem to cover the market, a letter will create wonders.

Thanks to coaching I discovered the letter where I am both the sender and the receiver of the same letter. You might say that there is no element of surprise, as you already know the letter’s content. Well, let me tell you that I see things differently. This is the great part of it, because there are times when I forget.

I might forget about the motivation and the energy I started with at some point in my dream. I might forget to enjoy the moment I managed to reach, or even to forget about the details that made me curious at some point. Therefore I decided to write this memorable letters as often as possible. All the effort will be made to remember, to rejoyce and to recharge with good vibes!

There is this Art Garfunkel letter I like very much as an example. From the future self to the younger self.

Well, as I have experienced the power of these letters in my life, I started already to write them. I plan to have one to open each month of the next year. This means, by the end of each month of 2018 I will write a letter for myself from next year. Later on I will see how I will surprise and redescover myself more.

I wonder now… what other people do to keep alive some of their memories?

Photo credit Writting a letter by Neven Krcmarek on Unsplash