A musical measure among people

„Sergiu Celibidache was considered a student with special abilities in home country, Romania, hence he was never called from Berlin to fight in the war. This detail allowed him to continue his studies in Berlin during World War II. Because the professors were forced to leave, Sergiu Celibidache had to teach his own colleagues various disciplines. During this time, he had to fight for survival, as he lacked food and dodging bombings.” (fragment from Sergiu Celibidache’s biography published on http://www.fundatia-celibidache.com/biography)

Not having much, and leaving each day how one should (I might say), the great composer and conductor, Sergiu Celibidache (1912-1996), is a true example of determination and will. At least, for me he is, as I am constantly looking for examples of inspiration and humanity. I guess, Sergiu Celibidache is a true argument to say „yes, it is possible to do it” despite any hardships one might face.

Sergiu-CelibidachePhoto source Sergiu Celibidache

Many articles I read on Celibidache and his work revealed his action of not accepting to do studio recordings: „Sergiu Celibidache deliberately declined records because, he believed that it is impossible to limit the sound space to two dimensions” (from the webpage previously mentioned).

This made me thinking. What would it be like to just refuse those conversations that asphyxiate my dreams? How would I look less influenced when in the game is what I want to reach in life? Hmmm…. some exercise and constant reminder, I think it is possible and healthier to keep working like this on my own mission in life.

ichigo-ichie_logoPhoto source Japanese Concept

What Sergiu Celibidache believed in was also rooted in the Zen Budhism, out of which I have to mention the concept of the unique moment in life. You see, there is such a thing in the Japanese culture defined as. „Ichigo, ichie”, meaning a unique moment, lived only once in life.

The point is that our entire life is made up from this kind of unique moments. And they cannot be duplicated no matter how much we would wish to do so. Isn’t it so? We advance in life, we don’t walk backwards like crabs do.

Under these terms, I allowed myself to be happy and grateful that there are such cultures from where we can learn something, and there are people in this world who share more than a simple emotion. They inspire the power to discover such brilliant concepts.

While merging the useful with passions, I realised how similar things are in coaching. Aside from the clients agenda, the visions, or the priorities to be respected, both individuals (yup…this applies to coaches as well) practice something very valuable: the art of living unique moments in life. And we highlight here the verb „to live”.

Photo credit:
Classical strings by Ira Selendripity on Unsplash