I simply believe that…

What justifies the things you aspire throughout life? What justifies the encounters you have? The lessons you learn or even the reason you get out of bed in the morning?

I do not think it’s all about the great things that even you do not think you’ll get. And certainly money aren’t the motivation. There weren’t thousands of years ago while man lived, and for sure they are not today.

How is possible for the rules of existence to change so radically in the meantime? Yes, I totally agree with evolutionary notions, with the emergence of needs and improving the living situations, but none of it justifies the attitude of forgetting oneself.

And whether you want to admit it or not, unfortunately too often it happens. Sociological researchers believe that it is an accumulation of how we face different moments of life, as for example some are affected by the morning traffic, and others when get home at night are overwhelmed by other household responsibilities.

baguachartEeee … no one said it would be easy. We forget that we learn as much as we live, and we do not stop when earn a diploma. The beauty of this whole story with learning throughout life is that some people reach that point enriched by knowledge. They manage to understand that life is something more than the average digital assets that we have and the way we handle relationships.

Having a philosophy of life that says you want a simple future just pleasing your heart’s wishes, and to keep it away from you is only an action nurturing the fears we’ve talked about in previous posts.

It’s your story, you are the hero of it, and you choose if you hide behind tears or do something to advance!

You know those wonderful porcelain objects that potters do with craftsmanship for their clients who should make use of them with respect? Well they are macerated in a clay passing through many hardships. First the clay is bitten up with the power of the fists, after that trampled, modeled in a stunning style, and placed at temperatures above 1300 degrees to withstand elegant in your home.

vaseI believe that after all this hard process, they seem happy of being in the potter’s oven. It’s something that is part of their way of living, and for one reason given by the laws of nature they are happy to come to life. The same happens to us if you’ve noticed: we really shine when our heart is happy!

Someone said that these objects that come out of the hand of the potter by water and fire, are nurturing the hope that they have an utility in the world. And if the hard technique is endured properly, they will be stronger than you could have imagined. That’s when they will take you by surprise, because we usually are looking to be surprised by accomplishments.

How about it? Who do you want to surprise today knowing that everything passes from east to west, and from south to north and there remain only the things worth mentioning.