How to keep you feet on the ground

It often happens to really want something, and then one starts building in mind all sorts of scenarios and situations where the dream comes true. Well, I believe this to be only a phase. The rest include attention to detail, perseverance and discipline to stay grounded in reality and effectively advance towards the realization of that dream.

Gold symbol of the victory (first place) 3D rendering


But how do you stay grounded when everything determines you to back down a little, or the temptation of easy pleasure is far more inviting?

For example, if you’re lucky enough to identify your job with your passions, then it’s a must to have in mind that at some point the heat of passion will decrease . This happens when we overwork ourselves, and our inner creative source needs a regeneration period. What to do?

Discipline .. on you’re on! You know what you want, then set what is that you have to do to get that.


Then be aware of what can happen along the way! Therefore, you will encounter things that work, things that require more time and energy on your part, things that do not work and need firm decisions, and unexpected things that demand for you to be absolutely organized! Are you ready for all of them ?!

When you feel that nothing goes right, maybe it’s time to think about quitting: You did everything that was humanly possible and you are now ready to take another road? Be honest, because if you did not do all that stood in your hands, you will regret, and the process will be repeated in the next action… sooner or later that is!


Gravity keeps us close to the ground, to our roots! On the other hand, we look towards the sky to make wishes!

Between the two is your place! You are the balance between reality and desire! Everything depends on you and only you. Tips on how to stay grounded I can not give because they are served on request, but I can remind you that it is important from time to time to evaluate what you are doing, to identify what is to repeat, what to repair and all that’s left to explore! Good luck to you!

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